How Canadian Cleantech Companies can Make Their Mark in Chile


Canadian clean technology companies looking to pursue the Chilean market need to read this latest installment of the Going Global Series on international energy markets.

Published by the Advanced Energy Centre at MaRS, these market insight reports provide a 360 degree view of the energy system in priority markets, for export-ready Canadian energy companies. The reports examine not only the energy and electricity landscape of this market but also the business environment, the social, political and legal frameworks, and the country’s macroeconomic drivers.

The latest installment in this series is an update on the previous Going Global Chile report, published in July 2015, providing revised data and investigating new drivers and trends. In short, the analysis is meant to help companies answer key questions:

  • Are your capabilities a good fit for the market?
  • What are the opportunities and barriers to doing business, and do the former outweigh the latter?
Article originally published here

Published by Pierre C. Bourbonnais

Pierre is highly dedicated, passionate and experienced in international NGO Management and Development programmes as well as Private Sector consulting in Latin America and the Caribbean, with six languages under his belt and tens of thousands of kilometers travelled, he has seen up close the needs of humanity. Taking a holistic approach, this website endeavours to share life lessons, concepts and stories to reflect upon and apply on a daily basis.

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